FS22 Dodge Ram 3500 Service Truck v4.1 - FS 19 & 22 USA Mods Collection

FS22 Dodge Ram 3500 Service Truck v4.1

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 FS22 Dodge Ram 3500 Service Truck v4.1

Fixed wheels, hands on the steering wheel, mirrors and removed warnings in the log.
Added numbers and the ability to sit as a passenger. Use the Universal Passenger mod or Kubota DLC

The car can refuel and repair your equipment. After purchasing it, there is no fuel in the refueling tank, you need to go to a gas station.
To access service functions, turn the truck around (the side doors will open).
After that, go to the back of the truck. On the left side you can activate the generator, after which a trigger will appear on the side by driving onto it
you can refuel. On the right side you can activate service functions, the trigger will appear at the back. Once you enter it, you can repair and modify
your technique.

Farmer Steve, The Expendables, Abe.F, Saul Mods, Seth White, NomadWulf, GV Canada, Richwoodrocket

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