FS19 Case IH Magnum US w/Helicopter Tanks v2.0 - FS 19 & 22 USA Mods Collection

FS19 Case IH Magnum US w/Helicopter Tanks v2.0

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FS19 Case IH Magnum US w/Helicopter Tanks v2.0

v2.0 Changelog
Wheel config added:
– Firestone: Rowtrac
***Rowtrac are care wheels

– All Firestone wheels use realistic Case IH rims
– Turn signal arm reflector colors changed from white to red
– Turn signal arms corrected for a few configs
– Added suitcase weight configuation (Note: 3 point will still function with weight config active)
– Wheel weights will now actually add mass to the tractor

– Helicopter tanks are not compatible with sprayer/fertilizer usage mod
– There are a few other unknown issues with the Helicopter tanks
(I personally have no issues while using them, but use at your own risk)!

Wheel configs added:
– Firestone: Wide Singles, Wide Single Weights, Wide Rear Twin wheels, Wide Rear Twin Weight, Wide Twin Wheels All, Narrow Singles, Narrow Single Weights, Narrow Twin Rear, Narrow Twin Rear Weights, Narrow Twins All
***Narrow tires are true row track
– Michelin: Singles, Singles Broad, Rear Twin, Twin Wheels All
– Goodyear: Wide Floater Tires

US Details Added:
– Turn signal arms with working blinkers: Folded down if rear duals or floaters are installed.
– US warning sign (triangle) added

Seat Camera Installed
– Player camera will move with seat suspension

New Engine Sounds
– Replaced the dull default Magnum engine sounds

Added attaching nodes for compatibility with sprayer tanks
– Sprayer tanks included in the zip file (4722l)
– Sprayer tanks are color customizable


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