FS19 Steiger series v1.1 - FS 19 & 22 USA Mods Collection

FS19 Steiger series v1.1

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​This an updated version of one released by “vFAITHv” and “JASON” with NO ERRORS
To get frequent develpoment updates and early access to future releases/mods, check out my facebook “KarlFarms”

v1.1 Change Log:New Wheel Configs to replace old ones:
– Single 710, 710 Weight, 900, 900 weight
– Dual 710, 800, 900
– Triple 520, 710

Modifications:– Added z rotation in articulating joint to allow lateral movement when traversing hills/bumps
– Added additional lights on the sides and front of the tractor
– Added Steiger weights to vehicle store configs instead of it being its own entity
– Added rear quick connect 3 point hitch
– Modified sound from the original quadtrac
– Increased dirt accummulation rate to match quadtrac

Seat Camera installed:– Camera will move with seat suspension

Fixed issues with multiple parts, decals, and lights not moving with cab rotation

Added compatibility to attach saddle tanks to the front– Case IH saddle tanks are included and can be found in the store (4000l)
– Saddle tanks are NOT COMPATIBLE with the sprayer usage mod
– Saddle tanks MAY NOT BE VISIBLE IN THE SHOP MENU, but they will be at the store when purchased
– Saddle tanks can be attached while weight config is applied (for now)

I have lots of plans yet for the Steiger, so stay turned for updates! Let me know if any issues are found. Enjoy!

KarlFarms, ​vFAITHv, JASON, Taylor Farms (Saddle Tanks)

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