FS19 PJ Trailer Pack - FS 19 & 22 USA Mods Collection

FS19 PJ Trailer Pack

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FS19 PJ Trailer Pack
Ok guys. Here are my modifications of pj trailers. This is a pack of 3 IN 1 the low, 24 and 40 feet trailer of goosenecks. Fully udim on each of them with electric connections, belts, etc. On supported trucks (mine of course are compatible).

The neck of the gooseneck trailers is adjustable at different heights if necessary using the mouse button 2. The 24-foot trailer comes with a selectable option for a fertilizer call tank to fill to fill all the tools to The help of a liquid fert or a herbicide. The low loader as a selection for optional ramps as well.

Blue Modding

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