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FS19 Follow Me v1.6.0.29

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FS19 Follow Me v1.6.0.29
Ever wanted to have some vehicles follow you around the map?
With “Follow Me” you can (though not backwards driving).

– [WONT FIX] When FollowMe is active, it is not possible to control attached equipment
– Some translations are probably wrong

Changelog– Multiplayer support is implemented
– Added ‘Collision Sensor on/off’ toggle
– Fix for “lights flashing”
– Fixed minor error in FollowMe, caused by game patch

Changelog– Hiding the HUD-text after 5 seconds. Player must issue another ‘Follow Me’-input-action to vehicle for displaying HUD-text again.
– Fix/work-around for making a follower-combine NOT stop at headlands/turning, due to its cutter detecting ‘no more crops’ to harvest.
– Reduced ‘is blocked’-notifications, when obstacle/collision is detected.
– Removed superfluous ‘title’ and ‘description’ XML-tags from ModDesc.XML, for languages that are not shown in (the in-game) ModHub anyway.

Changelog– “Quick-tap” keys activation threshold changed to ‘0.3 second’ (was previously ‘150 ms’)
– Attempt at obstacle/collision detection

Changelog– Fix for causing error: “/specializations/Plow.lua(680) : attempt to compare number with nil”.


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  1. can not get to show up in the game mod folder
    downloads fine but will not show up I am using a PC