FS19 Big Bud Pack v1.0 - FS 19 & 22 USA Mods Collection

FS19 Big Bud Pack v1.0

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FS19 Big Bud Pack v1.0
This is the Eagles Modding Welker Farms Big Bud 3 pack. It contains a Big Bud 450 ,
Big Bud 600 and a Big Bud 747. Each has been personalized for Welker Farms and the Welker
map released on Giants Mod Hub.
The 450 has 3 engine options of 450 HP, 525HP and 550 HP.
Cummins KTA 1150 and ISX 15
The 600 has 3 options of 600 HP, 650 HP 700 HP.
Cummins KTA 1150 and ISX 15
The 747 has only one engine option 16v92T Detroit Diesel but its RPM has been increased
to the maximum RPM of the original at 3401 Rpm.

All machines have had there handling and powered worked over to pull most anything that needs
to be pulled. We have also included the Flexicoil cultivator modded for these machines
it has plow function and has color options.

The 450 and 600 have 8 tire configurations to choose from singles to duals wide
float duals and 2 different triple configurations.
Each is decorated with the Welker Farm logo and have buyable extinguishers and a large
triangle on the back side.

original models and Script: Giants
Edits,blender construction,and anything that is not from the base game:
JHHG Modding

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