FS19 Blu-Jet AT Series Side-Dressers V0.9 - FS 19 & 22 USA Mods Collection

FS19 Blu-Jet AT Series Side-Dressers V0.9

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FS19 Blu-Jet AT Series Side-Dressers V0.9
* 100% playable and error free, only reason why it’s early V0.9 is that, it’s no UDIM version (dirt and wearable work properly). We already finishing fully UDIM’d version, so expect update soon*

***Features*** (Errors Free – clear LOG)– All FS19 standards,
– New animations,
– Proper Side-Dresser programing,
– RandomlyMoving Parts
– Copying the ground Parts
– Flexable,
– New Particles,
– Multiple workAreas (separate for every Row Unit),
– New lights with realLights,
– ConnectionHoses,
– Realistic decals,
– Realistic Configurations,
– New store pic and icon,
– Reduced file size,
– Error Free (clear LOG).

– Tank Color Configurations
– Rims Color Configurations
– Tire / Rims Configurations
– Model (AT3000/AT3015) Configurations
– BluJet stickers Configurations
– 11 or 15 Rows Configurations
– Flashers Configurations

– HitchPosition animation (mouseControl),
– RandomlyMoving Parts,
– Animated gauge (fillLevel and pressure),
– Animated pump Parts.


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