FS19 KRONE DK240-18 Emsland Kipper v1.0 - FS 19 & 22 USA Mods Collection

FS19 KRONE DK240-18 Emsland Kipper v1.0

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FS19 KRONE DK240-18 Emsland Kipper v1.0
* FEATURES * (Errors Free – clear LOG)

Addons and New things:– Remodeled for correct KRONE design,
– Realistic DK240-18 hexcode colors,
– Proper Decals,
– Overloading Pipe for refilling Seeders/Spreaders,
– ConnectionHoses on skinnedMesh (bones) and .xml Scripting,
– Back Connectors for Hoses (work alos with overloading Pipe),
– Realistic mass, capacity and other .xml values,
– New store pic and icon,
– File reduced to less than 10MB,
– Error Free,
– Compatible with newest version of the game.

Configurations:– 6 wheels Configurations (Michelin & Trelleborg),
– 3 backDoor Configurations (regular, Extension, overloading Pipe),
– 4 bottom frame color Configurations,
– 6 rims color Configurations,
– 4 tarp cover color Configurations,

– All hoses are Dynamic,
– Realistic rotation animation for overloading Pipe.

JHHG Modding

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