FS19 Lizard End Dump Bulk Trailer + Pup Trailer

v1.1 Changelog:– Fixed issue with pup not being able to be loaded from a silo
– Fixed file path error in log
– Updated mudflaps to have rubber texture
– Update mudflap Lizard logo
– Added configuration to remove mudflap logo
– Added wheel chocks to pup trailer

Tip: Lower the lift axle on the pup trailer to reduce sliding when loaded

This is a remodel of the 6 Axle East Dump Trailer that already exists. I have re-branded it (for potential console compatibility), converted it to the new texture system, and have added a few configurations along with a new pup trailer. The pup trailer uses the dolly from Custom Modding's Pacesetter. You can find more details below:
Full TrailerDefault Price: $67,200
Default Capacity: 70000l
Configurations:- Box, rim, and tarp color configurations
- 6 Axle
- 5 Axle w/Trailer Hitch
- Decorative Accessories (Shovel & Broom)
- No Cover
- Cover
- Extensions - (80000l)
Pup TrailerDefault Price: $30,000
Default Capacity: 40000l
- Box, rim, and tarp color configurations
- No Cover
- Cover
- Extensions (45000l)