FS19 Placeable Straw Barn v2.0 - FS 19 & 22 USA Mods Collection

FS19 Placeable Straw Barn v2.0

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FS19 Placeable Straw Barn v2.0
Nice and clean barn that works as a selling point for straw, grass, hay & silage. The Building has automatic lighting.
Selling prices for each product will fluctuate and show up on the PDA.

Price: 50.000€
Size: 18 x 23 Meters

-This selling spot works with courseplay.

Changelog 1.0– Initial Realease.

Changelog 1.5– Added L10N functions and name so it’s more understandable for all people, this was prevoisly just in english.
– Updated the mod with more languages.
– Created new Decal textures & added shaders to the building.
– Added node for Interactive Zone Markers. (Warningstripes can now be turned on and off).

Changelog 2.0– Updated to support Seasons mod.
– New Names for all Buildings.

Credits:EDGE Gaming / Castig

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