FS19 Refill Tanks v1.4 - FS 19 & 22 USA Mods Collection

FS19 Refill Tanks v1.4

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FS19 Refill Tanks v1.4

With these seed, solid fertilizer, liquid fertilizer, herbicide and lime tanks (which are placeable on the map), refill your different machinery for absolutely free! All you have to pay the instalation costs [which cost 100’000] along with a daily upkeep [which costs 20$ per day].

Changelog v1.3.3
– Lowered daily upkeep for each tank from 25$ per day to 20$ per day.
– Fixed description when viewing the ‘Refill Tanks’ mod in the in-game ‘installed mods’ window.
– Updated mod description to fit the current specs of all the prices of the tanks.
– Changed filling rate of each tank to 2’500 liters per second.
– Changed descriptions of each tank to match its requirements.

Changelog v1.4.
– Reduced price of each tank to 85’000 $.
– Added main goal of mod update in mod description*.
– Lowered daily upkeep (again) for each tank from 20$ per day to 12$ per day.
– Added notice at the bottom of the mod’s description regarding the main objective mentionned in the description version
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