FS19 Case IH Precision Disk 500T v2.0

This mod is an addon to KMN Modding's Precision Disk 500 (Non Patreon Version). All credit to the original V1.0 goes to him. I have changed the name to 500T so it does not conflict with his future versions

Added mounted tank options to the 40ft and 60ft version
40 ft:
- 500T - Seed (3500l)
- 500T2 - Seed (3500l), Liquid Fertilizer (2000l)
- 500+ - Liquid Fertilizer (2000l)

- All 40 ft models can still attach a cart

60 ft:
- 500DST - Seed (6000l)
- 500DST2 - Seed (6000l), Liquid Fertilizer (2000l)
- 500DST3 - Seed (6000l), Liquid Fertilizer (4000l)

Note: 500T2, 500+, and 500DST are all fictional models as they do not exist in the real world.

- Added additional lights on the DST models
- Added configurable fill level monitor
- Added hydraulic hoses
- Added hose compatibility with front attachable seed tank
- Increased working speed of 60ft models to 11 mph (18 kph)
- Adjusted power requirement on 60 ft model to match recommended HP
- Fixed hired workers so they can now turn around properly