FS19 Tigermate 200 v1.1 - FS 19 & 22 USA Mods Collection

FS19 Tigermate 200 v1.1

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FS19 Tigermate 200 v1.1

The Case IH Tiger-Mate 200 field cultivator creates a firm, level seedbed that provides an optimum growing environment.

-Update 1.1
Fixed hired worker issues

The tandem axle design allows for level performance throughout rough field conditions, and decreases stress on the frame of the cultivator. The Tiger-Mate 200
comes with 2 leveling attachments for further seedbed firming and leveling. The spike tooth leveler smooths out any possible ridges left by the sweeps. The crumbler
leveler breaks up soil clumps and packs the seedbed down for optimal soil-seed contact. The 32′ Tiger-Mate 200 field cultivator features 57 individual spring back
shanks, allowing for a clean, even pass every time. The Tiger-Mate 200 has a working width of 32′ or 10 meters and a transport width of 17′ or 5 meters allowing for easy transportation.
The Tigermate has a base price of $35299 not including optional packages. Reccomended horsepower ranges from 200 to 300 depending on field conditions.

Required Mods:

Lindbejb, NEFG Modding

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