FS19 Jack Moose Mow-IT Pack 1.0 - FS 19 & 22 USA Mods Collection

FS19 Jack Moose Mow-IT Pack 1.0

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FS19 Jack Moose Mow-IT Pack 1.0

– Jack Moose introduces the newest and versatile Zero Turn mower Mow-IT

– Custom selection of colors plus the default ones

– 3 different variations:

– Mow-IT: Classic zero turn Mower

– Bag-IT: Zero turn mower with a side blower and an attachable bagger that collects the cut grass

– Mulch-IT: Zero turn mower that cuts the grass and leaves no trace behind

– Several options available for all 3 versions:

– Rollbar: adjustable with the joystick

– Light options (front lights, rollbar lights)

– Underglow options (none, red, blue, green, white)

– 5 wheels to choose

– Front loader

– Rear hitch

– 3 Additional implements; snowplow; leveler and bagger

– Price 7850 €


pZonaKo, Dutch-Modding


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