FS19 Old JD Disk Harrow - FS 19 & 22 USA Mods Collection

FS19 Old JD Disk Harrow

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FS19 Old JD Disk Harrow

from fs17 the deere disc original is very rough. Scott converted it. Then he took it to the next level of detail with an adjustable hitch. As well was a working floating tongue. And added hose detail and all the textures have been updated to fs19. As well as wheel options and made it into the IH37 disc. I simply changed the colors of it added a new decal made it a new brand in the store and made a new store pic as well as fixed a couple wheel issues that got missed in the IH37 original.


Andrei Valentin, Scooter's Workbench, TimModding, Aj Bentley Edit


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