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FS19 Step Deck Trailer IBM LPM85 1.0


FS19 Step Deck Trailer IBM LPM85 1.0

With this step deck trailer you can transport bales, pallets, maquinary and other stuff that you need to transport. The trailer has several types of configurations in which you can choose between the normal trailer, with a ramp to be able to carry machinery or to be able to carry fertilizer or herbicide in the tanks. With the X key you can unfold the ramps and with the right and left click you can adjust the width of the ramps. (With left click the long ramp and with right click the small ramp)

– Price: 35.000
– Store Category: Misc
– Color options
– Tension belts
– Ramps

– Tanks:
4 types of capacities for the tanks (10.000L, 20.000L, 25.000L, 40.000L)
Filltypes: Fertilizer, herbicide

IBM Modding Team

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