FS19 2020 Ram 5500 Service Truck v1.0 - FS 19 & 22 USA Mods Collection

FS19 2020 Ram 5500 Service Truck v1.0

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FS19 2020 Ram 5500 Service Truck v1.0

Ok everyone this is my Christmas Release I want to thank Paul Redshaw for letting me release this to the public I saw everyone loved it so I decided to ask if I can release it

So the rack has collisions so you can put stuff on there no straps as of yet that will come in a later update

Removed the bulbar personally don’t like the look

Blacked out the front end no more chrome on the body

Added a thin line cummins logo, thine line flag, diesel fuel only decal, dot number, not for hire decal, license plate

Tinted the windows and headlights

Added working mirrors now you can be in the interior and use the mirrors to back up

James Doherty
supplied me with some badass 6.7 cummins sounds for this thing

Added scene lighting and lightbars on the rack each side has it’s own light stage

Moved around stuff to fit the rack and some of it now is in it’s realistic spot like the generator and welder

In the interior I changed the radio to have a song on it and added a tuner from Abe Friensen’s GMC AT4 I also noticed that the seats were shiny so I fixed that then you could also see through the cab on the passenger side fixed that

Ranch Modding Paul Redshaw James Doherty

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