FS19 American Dream v1.1 - FS 19 & 22 USA Mods Collection

FS19 American Dream v1.1

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FS19 American Dream v1.1

American Dream is a fictional map based in the southern United States.

Version 1.1
Improved custom sounds
Npc customize
Lighting installed on the map on the roads and silos.
Lighting improve for lamps
Addition of lighting on the map and on the farm.
Addition of trees to the farm.
Solved mill lighting.
Rename mill in Aveve
Add a double trigger at Aveve for the missions (Risk of collision with the train.)
Fixed collision in the Shop.
Addition of illuminated signs to the Shop
Added folliage for tree hedges.
Finishes foliage and textures around the fields.
Customize the moon setting for nights.
Addition of wood chips in the silos.
Addition sale of grain elevator wood chips.
Addition of wood log sales point to silo no 1
Resolved beug animal dealer. Icon did not appear.
Solved beug Bga. (You have to buy the land to see the prices on the board.)
Adjust mask season.

there is the train with 3 silos of 500000L.
The starting material for new farmers.
12 points of sale


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