FS19 Randon Pack LS R Line v1.0 - FS 19 & 22 USA Mods Collection

FS19 Randon Pack LS R Line v1.0

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 FS19 Randon Pack LS R Line v1.0

Bulk carrier Vanderleia Randon Linha-R

Vanderleias carts Normally there are three axles that distribute the weight in a better way than a conventional cart.

It can take more quantity as long as it is well distributed.

Capacity: 67000

Price: 87000 €

Randon 4-Axis Bulk Carrier R-Line

Made to Load More weight than a 3-axle trailer or Vandeleia, facilitating transport and maneuvers on your farm.

Download and Discover Your Advantages!

Capacity: 72000

Price: 92 000 €


Erik Isac, Agro Mods


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