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FS19 Shelby County BETA

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FS19 Shelby County BETA

Welcome to Shelby County in central Indiana! Tend to large fields and beautiful rolling terrain if you posses the skills to work the large expanse of land. This map is in Beta, read below to know what is important!


-You do NOT need to unzip the map at this time!

-You DO need the sell point mod because this map has no sell point as there is none in real life.

-Animations are not yet complete

-Report issues to my email, there will be several it’s a BETA map.

-Textures will hopefully come in the future for crops. Building credits go to CBJ Midwest Modding! Big thanks for him to making those buildings publicly available. One of the sheds is prefab and the rest is base-game materials.


-There are no field numbers or NPCs at this time

-You cannot F11 fields to a growing state. there are technically no fields as there are no numbers.

-Almost all property is buyable

-There are riding trails

-woods, creeks

-More logging potential in the future.

-I am aware that there is a seagull sound emitting from sugar creek. working on it.

-Birds ambient sound may be removed in V1 as they are somewhat annoying.

-Hopefully you guys enjoy, I understand that was a lot of information but I like to explain what’s happening. Be sure to check us out on Youtube as well!!!


IronHorse Modding



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