FS19 Steiger Turbo Tiger ll v1.1 - FS 19 & 22 USA Mods Collection

FS19 Steiger Turbo Tiger ll v1.1

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FS19 Steiger Turbo Tiger ll  v1.1

Steiger Series ll Turbo Tiger: Options are as follows; Paint options (Steiger Green, Steiger red, Steiger Industrial new, and Steiger industrial used) Tires are duals, floaters, and standard, blades (4m and 4.5m) and antiglare paint. “You don’t have to guess who’s best, there’s proof. The big ones come from Steiger.”


Larsen Farms Modding


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  1. i love your description and attitude about the Steiger. i learned to drive opperating grandfathers Steiger. since 1975 i have always loved the 'Green Machine' the sounds of a Steiger in the field can be heard from a very far distance. More please. i need a Steiger Panther to complete my collection.