FS19 West Texas v2.1.2 - FS 19 & 22 USA Mods Collection

FS19 West Texas v2.1.2

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FS19 West Texas v2.1.2

Its based in Texas lots of fields "50" a large dairy farm "individual pens to hold the cows" 2 literally open cow pastures 2 sheep pens 2 chicken pens. 3 pig pens 2 horse pastures. Lots of animals. 2 production places few custom sounds. These are all custom pens so there not in game placeable's Its seasons ready. Has dynamic mud. If you get the map the sprinklers don't run i ran out of time messing with them and i was concerned of running out of space for people gonna run the map on a public server. If i remember right the limit is 1.4gb. The map is currently 1.19gb. So i decided against them as being functional. They may be functional at a later time. Prices in the map is not the base game its meant more for a challenge to the player. This aspect hasn't really been tested It may change in the future. Think that's pretty much it let me know what you guys think or whatever! Hope you guys enjoy


The Great Lebowski



  1. How do you put Total Mixed Rations in the Cow Pasture below the state park?

  2. The trigger is by the bale of hay