FS19 Millennial Farm Silo v1.1 - FS 19 & 22 USA Mods Collection

FS19 Millennial Farm Silo v1.1

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 FS19 Millennial Farm Silo v1.1

Millennial Farm Silo

Silo Control

-Load – Control Panel – (Start/Stop Auger)

-Unload – (At at main loading/unloading point ) – Control Panel – (Unload Silo)

-Unload from Rear Augers

-Auger 2 – Control at the switch box – (Start/Stop Auger)

-Auger 3 – Yellow Auger – No control needed normal game trigger in operation

-Note: Both Load/Unload animations run for 60 seconds after which they have to be restarted to complete any continuing operation.

-Courseplay/Autodrive Function

-Allows normal game Silo Load/Unload operation at main loading point only

To enable this enter the shed and select – CP Mode On – an indicator will start flashing and a warning cube will appear on top of the Control Panel.

Remains active until disabled by re-entering the shed and selecting – CP Mode Off –

Due to Game restrictions the normal Dryer animation found on the map is not possible, instead the Dryer sound and smoke appears when unloading the silo into a vehicle/trailer at main loading/unloading point only.

Changelog v1.1

-Added logo’s (PC only)

-Corrected silo capacity now 9950000 ltrs / 282357 bushels.


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