FS19 Old Production Pack v1.1 - FS 19 & 22 USA Mods Collection

FS19 Old Production Pack v1.1

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 FS19 Old Production Pack v1.1

This is my old production pack for silage, hay, and pig food. The following notes are based on the Placeable Factories by erShaba.

This production pack does not work with Seasons at this time.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This production pack currently only works on No Mans Land by ALiEN JiM. For this production pack to work on other maps, a map creator must include the required files and lines of code into his/her map, if he/she so wishes.

The information can be found in the ‘info’ folder in this mod pack.

Reminber, just like the factories pack by erShaba, these have been created from the animal system used in the base game.

Important: Keep in mind that the game is limited to 10 animal stables placed within 1 save game.

So the total of stables and factories together can never be more than 10. It is recommended that the number of factories and animal stables total, never exceed 8 on the same game save.

Sell all animal ​​stables pre-installed on the map (if possible) you are playing on before placing one of these production facilities.

It is also recommended saving your game before proceeding to place a production facility to avoid losses of progress in your game.

To be able to use the facility, you must activate it as if you were buying an animal, you can find the trigger to activate it at the front door.

These facilities can be sold as if it were any other placeable building in the game. Keep in mind that you must

completely empty the production (Animal) from the facility before you will be able to sell it.

Production Facilities included in this Pack:

-Silage: Obtained by supplying with chaff.

-Hay: Obtained by supplying with grass.

-Pig Food: Obtained by supplying with wheat, barley, canola, soybean, sunflower, maize, potato, sugarbeet.

-Price of each: 30,000.

-Maintenance: 30 / day.

-Approximate production: 3 to 4 pallets per day.

Thanks to ALiEN JiM.

Changelog v1.0.1

– Fixed issue with pig food and silage productions ui showing hay.

– Fixed fillTypes for pig food and silage productions.

– Adjusted pig food values in the info file.

Changelog v1.1

– Adjusted cow values in the info file.

– Minor fixes and improvements.

– Added grass to silage production.

– Slightly increased pallet production.

– Added fertilizer, liquid fertilizer, and seed productions.

– Added bale triggers to silage, hay, and fertilizer productions.

– Added fillTriggerVehicle to all spawning pallets.

– Added information for Seasons support.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Seasons support will require a seasons:GEO creator to update their GEO with the provided lines of code.

– Currently only works with Seasons GEO: NML Production by Farmer Mahnew.


Farmer Mahnew


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