FS19 WesternStar49x dump truck v1.0.2 - FS 19 & 22 USA Mods Collection

FS19 WesternStar49x dump truck v1.0.2

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FS19 WesternStar49x dump truck v1.0.2

Here is the westernStar 49x dump truck wanna thank Brandon Wyatt’s from HD modding for letting me use his cab to make this awsome mod has all the options for the fallowing

tag axles


plow hitch


2 design options 1 for

beacons and lightbar

and the plow hitch


multiple fill type options up to 500 000 liters and a wood and rock option all fill types ranging from 45 000 liters to 500 000 liters of your choice

3 logo options including black hawk mining and fsminer logo and hd logo

3 types of window tint from superclear to reg and black tint

and mouse controled for the hood and the mod is error free hope you enjoy this mod also the only issue is that the player in the cab sitting funny ive tried to get the play to hold the steering wheel and sit normal but it wouldnt work so i gave up on the player.


Bcbuhler PierceCustoms credits for Justin Wies for the free swinging tailgate and col to make it haul wooding tailgate and col to make it haul wood HD modding for the cab Genaro Garcia for the new fill plane fsminer for the extra help on the cylinder


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