FS19 Demco 22 Series Grain Carts v1.0 - FS 19 & 22 USA Mods Collection

FS19 Demco 22 Series Grain Carts v1.0

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 FS19 Demco 22 Series Grain Carts v1.0

Bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better, but it can mean more efficient!

Our 22 Series grain carts are loaded with features which provide operator convenience & comfort, and help make your harvest operation productive and smooth.

In 2019, Demco introduced the “22” Series Grain Carts. These large capacity grain carts are unmatched in the industry with convenient features, first-rate quality, and excellent efficiency for your harvest operation. The “22” Series Grain Carts are available in 1100+ and 1300+ bushel capacities.


Model: 22 Series Grain Carts

Capacity: 44.048 Liters(1250 bushels)

Price: USD $69,668

Power requirement: 270 HP


– 22 Series Grain Cart: 1100 and 1300 version

– lizard TTS 110 Tracks

– Eletric Tarp (Realistic tarp animation)

– Lizard LSW 1250/35R46 (New tire)

– Michelin and Mitas tires

– Oversize Sign

– Lizard Scales

– Capacity indicator

– All Colors by Demco available

– Black Version

– USA Edition

– Canadian Edition

– Realistic lights

– Realistic prices

– Realistic folding animations

– Realistic particle system

– Specular and Normal Map textures

– Dynamic hoses


Custom Modding


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