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FS19 HayBuster 2660 v2.0

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 FS19 HayBuster 2660 v2.0

Ok everyone the day has come to finally release my HayBuster 2660. Now this was one of my first farming models so I tried my best to add all the details I could. Now this mod also has IC controls which I recommend you use for more realism and more features, and there will be a link to the simple IC mod below aswell. And for the last thing you can use both large and small bales, but for small bales you will need to move the tines (Forks) in using the simple IC controls, also you can use straw, hay, and grass, for those that want to use cornstalk bales, that will only work if the cornstalk bales are made into the maps.


– 3D Moving Chains

– Dynamic Hoses

– Custom Dirt/Wear Maps

– simple IC Controls


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