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FS19 The West Coast USA v2.0

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 FS19 The West Coast USA v2.0

A scenic area centered around the fictional town of Raven Hill, located near the mouth of the Salinas River, at Monterey Bay. The weather is good here, with a long growing season… you arrive from eastern parts, in your worn and dirty old pickup truck, looking for a new start. At the visitor center you plan your strategy… in “New Farmer” mode, you have some money and a small fleet of equipment which has been gifted to you, located at the local New Holland dealership. If starting in one of the hard modes, all you have is your truck and money. The Salinas Valley is rich in agriculture, the land is expensive, but fertile… great for growing all sorts of produce. There are many opportunities here, work hard and you will prosper.

The map includes all the standard crops except for sugarcane, as it is not grown here… The map is Seasons ready with a seasons mask and a built-in custom GEO. This map includes the Multi Terrain Angle feature for realistic field texture appearance when working the soil, also includes custom ground textures and crop textures, as well as custom lighting. (Seasons overrides any map lighting settings, however, in favor of its own)

In this map, the individual GSI bins, the Butler bins & the Westeel bins use the new script from GtX to allow any grain crop to be stored in the bin, unlike before, when only one grain type was allowed. Due to the new script, ONLY one grain may be stored at a time, to switch to a different grain, all of the original grain must be removed first, as in real life. Standing in front of the output auger will cause info to appear in the F1 menu, showing the graintype that is currently in the bin, as well as the amount of that grain and the percentage full.

This map, as in Nebraska Lands USA, incorporates baleable corn stalks… when harvesting your corn with a combine, you may switch on the windrow, which will lay down a corn stalks swath. This may be either baled up for cattle bedding or to sell, or may be collected with a loading wagon to use at the Razwood Factory to make pre-compost.

This map embraces the many new features of the 2019 game, much of the land is buyable, including all the field areas as well as several wooded or empty lots around the map. There are transport missions, hauling pallets of stuff from one place to another, also field missions on the fields. There is a log sell point on the map at the sawmill in town… just drop off your logs at the designated area and go to the automated ticket punch to get paid.

There is no sugarcane on this map… it is not available as a crop type and will not be available no matter what GEO is used… this is for realism as sugarcane is not grown here. There is a small orange orchard down at the edge of town, you can buy the land and raise oranges to sell at the Farmer’s Market… You can also buy more orange trees to expand your orchard or to start a new one elsewhere on the map…

All of the player usable farms on the map are built out at game start, when buying a farm, you get all the objects on that parcel of land, which you may then keep or sell, at your discretion. All objects on each of the player farms can be sold off. A few, such as farm junk or old fences, may only be sold, not bought again.

All of your farming supplies, such as fertilizer and seeds, must be bought at the various sellpoints (no seed or fertilizer triggers at the farms) Fuel storage is available on the farms, with a small amount to get you started, for more, use the universal pack fuel trailer to refill from town. For those that prefer to fertilize using anhydrous ammonia there is a dedicated sell point located in town by the train tracks. As premiered in Emerald Coast USA, in this map, anhydrous is a specific fill type, not the usual “liquidFertilizer” pretending to be anhydrous… this means you need specialized equipment to use and apply the anhydrous to your fields, where once applied, it will function as normal fertilizer.

Also new to this map are the custom trains… as in Nebraska Lands, this map also features GtX’s great train script, which allows multiple trains to run on the same tracks at various times of the day… additionally, the train signal lights change from green to red and back again depending on the movement of the passing trains…

This map is Precision Farming compliant, with a custom soilmap… use the compatibility fix to enable the use of anhydrous or compost along with Precision Farming…

Enjoy farming on the western coast of the US…

• you start the game at the tourist center in the small beachfront town, with only your worn truck to drive around, take GOOD care of it… in “New Farmer” mode you have some nice equipment, a gift to get you going, although you own no land or farms… in the two hard modes, you get nothing but some money… but, land is good here and there are lots of opportunities to pick up some contracts to do… work wisely…

• Water is available from the main farm water tank (although you could have one built at your other farms as well) or from the waterways and rivers for free… The animal pens are already set up to work with GtX’s animal pen extension mod, to allow you to fill the water troughs without needing to bring water from elsewhere in a tanker, just have the mod activated when starting your new game to have the water filling equipment already set up. Tri-County will sell bulk fertilizer and at Agri Chem they will sell you liquid fertilizer and herbicide from inside, and at Anhydrous Solutions they will sell you your anhydrous…Organic Solutions accepts bulk compost from you at their facility, and they pay a premium for all that you can bring them. Fuel is available at the Fast Stop downtown… Bulk seeds can be purchased at Wholesale Seeds, down near the train tracks. At Coastal Feed you can purchase premixed pigfood… The animal dealer always has more manure and slurry than they would like, you can get either there very cheap, almost free…

• The dealer repair bay area, the granary sellpoints, the fertilizer, lime, seed and anhydrous sellpoints and the Farmer’s Market, the dairy and the rootcrop sellpoints all have timed barriers which open at either 7:00 AM or 8:00 AM and close at either 6:00 PM or 9:00 PM… no entry is permitted into these triggers before or after hours, the hours are posted at each facility…

• The Cement silo functions again as a fermenting silo, this time using the great script by GtX… Ensure to have the included Cement Silo mod in the folder and active when first starting your game play… the silo takes grass and chaff and will slowly convert these to silage, adjusting the ferment times according to season length if playing with Seasons. Use the small Batco auger (Batco Auger pack included with the map mods) to fill the silo blowers if not using side discharge forage wagons…

• One of the bunker silos at the BGA is modified to produce compost rather than silage, the fermenting time and compacting processes are the same… It takes precompost, which is produced at the Razwood Factory, which accepts manure, straw, sugarbeet, potato or cornstalks and requires diesel to run (as there is no power out there at the location) to make the precompost for the bunkers.

• As premiered in Midtown USA, there is flour production at the flour mill, using GtX’s wonderful script, no need for GC or other production mods to use. First, you must buy the small plot of land that the Flour Mill sits on, then you may bring your wheat, barley or oats and dump into the dump point, which holds up to 150000 L of product at one time. Then, supply diesel for the on site generator to begin. As the production progresses, pallets of flour will spawn around to the side of the building, up to 8 at a time. Remove these and sell them over at the Shipping Portal for a great price…

• The map includes evaporated milk production… first premeired in South Island Farm. Just bring your milk down to the Dairy, to a next door facility to produce boxed, crated, ready to ship pallets of evaporated milk which can be transported to the Shipping Portal for sale. You can input up to 40000 L of your milk at one time to begin the production. The pallets will spawn automatically on the opposite side of the building. Standing near to the inlet pump will pop up a status monitor to let you know what’s going on. There is also a corn dryer silo system, also premiered on South Island Farm, located on the road to the main farm… also using GtX’s great script. you can buy pallets of propane to fuel the dryer, then dump in your corn and it will dry it for you… sell at the West Coast Granary. If you do not want to mess with drying your corn, you may sell the regular corn directly at the granary as usual.

There are several sellpoints to sell stuff:

• West Coast Granary – wheat / barley / canola / corn / sunflower / soybean / oat / dry corn

• West Grains – wheat / barley / sunflower

• Coastal Feed – canola / corn / oat/ soybean

• Organic Solutions – compost

• E.G. Miles Heat & Energy – woodchips / biobales / straw / strawbales / cornstalks / cornstalk bales

• Coastal Rootcrop Sales – sugarBeet / potato

• Shipping Portal – flour pallets / evaporated milk pallets

• Cozy Wool Spinnery – wool / cotton

• Farmer’s Market – orange pallets / egg boxes

To use this map, unzip the TWC2_UNZIPME file and place ALL of the included files into your mod folder and remember to activate them for proper functioning of the map… THE MAP WILL THROW NUMEROUS ERRORS IF ALL MODS ARE NOT IN THE FOLDER AND ACTIVE AT FIRST GAME… the only included mods not required are the Farm King, Batco and Brandt augers, but, they are quite useful for filling and unloading the individual grain bins… NOTE: DO NOT ALLOW MOD UPDATING of ANY of these mods from ANY other source than an update file provided by ME… failure to adhere to this warning can and will result in mods getting screwed up and some or even most features failing to work properly or at all. If any mods need updating I will see to it that an update is posted at the original map download site. As well, downloading this map and mods from any other than the original download site I uploaded it to, can and usually will result in problems as you have no idea who uploaded it and what they may have changed or “fixed” in the files.

Disclaimer: this is a highly detailed map, using many different scenery objects and several custom textures to achieve visual realism, and as such may require a strong, higher spec PC to run… especially if you have many mods on the farm. The only solution to this issue is to not use any mods and/or turn the settings down. Additionally, to avoid unforeseen issues and conflicts, please have ONLY this map in the mod folder as having multiple maps in the folder will cause issues as the game loads all the scripts from all the maps, including the active one…

IMPORTANT: As this map has a built-in GEO to simulate the conditions here, on the west coast, there is NO NEED to use a custom GEO… in fact, issues can and may result from doing this.


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