FS19 Lizard 1120 Series v1.1 - FS 19 & 22 USA Mods Collection

FS19 Lizard 1120 Series v1.1

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FS19 Lizard 1120 Series v1.1

The 1120 Series is a rugged 90’s tractor!

Equipped with the biggest engines of Época, with 6 cylinders in line of 14L³. Great traction capacity due to its total weight of 21,000kg.

The models already equipped with Series Air Conditioned Cabins, made the Tractor a Consumption Dream Of The Time.

Base Price: 1120=35000€ / 1420=45000€.

Power: 1124 (230hp), 1128 (280hp), 1128 Chip (320hp), 1128 Chip (360hp), 1428 (280hp), 1428 Chip (320hp), 1428 Chip+ (350hp), 1428 Chip++ (380hp).

Category: Medium Tractors/Large Tractors.

Fuel tank: 840L (Average Refueling Price: €1050).

Fuel Extension: Round Tank (+100L) / Square Tank (+200L)

Colors: Green (1120) and Orange (1420) Color Variations (Wheels and cubes use same selected color).

Settings: Lights, Interior, Monitor and GPS, Px Antenna, Wheels, Horns.

Wheel Configurations: 6 TRELLEBORG, 8 MITAS, 22 MICHELIN, 6 NOKIAN, 2 Treadmills, 6 RICETIRES, 2 LIZARD + 2 Transport Tires.

GreenStar Settings: GreenStar4 display with charging animation, GPS StarFire 3000 and StarFire 6000.

Px Antenna Settings: Adds an antenna with realistic physics, see the antenna bending with the Tractor swing.

Cab Animation: Contains animation on the door and the cab has its own suspension, which swings with the movement of the tractor.

Additional Animations: Entering the vehicle, starting the engine, animation of gear changes, extended animation for the Rear Hitch.


– New and Corrected Colors;

– Physical Adjustment;

– Fixed Steering Speed;

– Adjusted Internal Animations;

– Added Foot Accelerator;

– Added Optional Fuel Tank Extension (840L, 940L, 1040L);

– Added 2 models of Rice Tires;

– Adjusted Tire Deformation;

– Added Optional Horn (Without Horn there is no sound, with a horn the sound is lower, With Two Horns the sound is louder);

– Fixed Vehicle Information and Data on the Store Page;

– New Model of Serie 1420, the 1428, this has Orange Shades and Power from 280hp to 380hp;

– Added Giroflex (Revolving Light);

– Universal Passenger added For PC/MAC

– Fixed and Changed GPS from GreenStar3 to GreenStar4;

– Improved Cabin Suspension and internal lever balance;

– Added Vehicle Mooring System on Transport Trailers. The system is already included in this tractor and does not require the use of tools for this Service proposal.


ZT MODDING, SrVertex, Miotto Modding


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