FS19 Midwest Dairy Map v1.0 - FS 19 & 22 USA Mods Collection

FS19 Midwest Dairy Map v1.0

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FS19 Midwest Dairy Map v1.0

This is a standard size map, it has a town, a Mega Dairy Farm, a highway and a set of feedlots for the steers, yesthis map has Steers. This map has alfalfa, shortseason Soybeans, rye, triticale, silage corn, and peas. It also has 4 new cow breeds with calves. This map also has Heifers, Steers, and Bulls. Also some beef cow breeds have been added, such as Simmental and Herfords. There is a Spahn and Rose for the sale of wood and woodchips. Equipment is purchased at Tractor House. To load milk from the milkhouse, you need to milk the cows, there are 3 triggers in front of the 5 bulk tanks. Start milking!

Credits: Bronkema


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