FS19 Big Bale Grab v1.0 - FS 19 & 22 USA Mods Collection

 FS19 Big Bale Grab v1.0

The Big Bale Grab is specifically designed to lift large sqaure bales.

It features a clamp down claw for carry stability and folding bottom tines for transport safety.

– Price: £3500

– Capacity: 5 Square Bales (3’x4′), 3 Hesston Bales (4’x4′)

Also included is the Big Bale Fork, which is a more all purpose version without the grab elements.

– Price: £2000

– Capacity: 4 Square Bales (3’x4′), 3 Hesston Bales (4’x4′)

Credits: AMG Gaming


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