FS19 John Deere 7000 Series v1.2.5 - FS 19 & 22 USA Mods Collection

FS19 John Deere 7000 Series v1.2.5

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FS19 John Deere 7000 Series v1.2.5

The John Deere 7000 Series, is a great machine from the 80s and 90s.

John Deere 7000 Series:

Price: 55000 €

Capacity: 4800L

Configurations: Glass, Tip of the Dump, Cabins, Atacher, Engine.

Engine Configurations: 7100: 138HP, 7200: 148HP, 7200 Turbo: 162HP

Cabins: Contains 2 closed cabins, an open cab, and also without a cab.

Windows Configuration: Optional Light and Dark, being smooth on the inside, improving vision.

Realistic physics, animations of the actuation levers, Row of Realistic Straw, Smoke and Particles increased, panel with animated lights.

John Deere 318 Master:

Price: 9500 €

Side Nozzles with Terrain Typography.

Work Size: 5.48M

Changelog 1.1:

Adjusted and Fixed Problem with Flexible Cutter

Cutter Bar Texture Adjusted

Changelog 1.2:

Added 3D Tracks

Physics and mass fixes

New Tire Options

Added Rice Tires

New Store Icons

Added Optional 4×2 and 4x4WD Axles

Adjusted straw chopper animation

Added Sounds For Triggering the Track (working sounds)

Changelog 1.2.5:

– Model Option: SLC/JOHN DEERE

– General bug fixes

– Added flexible animation at the tip of the Discharge Pipe

– Added new tire options

– Adjusted Tire Options

– Fixed Inverted Tires in 4×4

– Increased mass added to 4×4 tires

– Animation added to the awning of Cabin 2

– Animation for Cutting Bar Reel Rotation Speed

– Cutting Bar Follows better undulating terrain, reducing overhangs and snags

– Cutting Bar Nozzles Swinging More

– Fixed very reflective Chrome Glazing in Cabin 2

Credits: SrVertex, MARKIN, Miotto Modding, Holzs-ML


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