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FS19 John Deere 9r 2012-2014 series v1.1

FS19 John Deere 9r 2012-2014 series v1.1

This is a revised Version of my 9R2014 earlier Version, released in my Time with Custom Modding. Since i leave Custom Modding i reworked this version completly. Credits for Modelparts i used inside the .zip-File, all other Scripting and Ideas by me and some Friends who helped out with modeling some new Parts.

-9360R – 9560R Scraper Special

-a lot of Tire Options included LSW Tires

-US/EU Specification

-real Sounds, Measurements and Technical Values

-Tire Pressure Script

-optional JD Link Monitor

-optional Filllevel Monitor

Credits: Tire- Rimmodels : AGO-Modding/Rafazr/Custom Modding, Modelparts: Giants/Rafazr/82Studio/SB_Farms, Scripting/Ideas: Ifkonator/SB_Farms


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