FS19 Old Pickups Pack v1.1 - FS 19 & 22 USA Mods Collection

FS19 Old Pickups Pack v1.1

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FS19 Old Pickups Pack v1.1

F-100 Pickup Truck from 1975. It is a modernised version and more accessible to the people of countryside, a great option for those who took road and worked on the farm.

-Price: 45,000 $

-Power:168 hp / 125kW

-Wheel option: 4×2 / 4×4

-Colour options

-Variable back platform (bale transport, animal transport, 4000l capacity trailer)

-Gooseneck coupling option

-Option of tires (Normal, Lowrider and Offroad)

-Contains a mobile Fuel Tank

Changelog v1.1

-Written a new 1958 Apache Fleetside pickup truck model

-Rear hitch problem fixed

Credits: Farm Centro Sulo


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