FS19 Ravenport McKnightG Edition v1.0 - FS 19 & 22 USA Mods Collection

FS19 Ravenport McKnightG Edition v1.0

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 FS19 Ravenport McKnightG Edition v1.0

Changelog v1.0.5 

 Added large cow area (see pic).

Added large double bunker silos (see pic).

I added filltypes Liquid Fertilizer, Herbicide, Digestate and Liquid Manure to the FS19 Placeable Liquid Fert Tanks mod.

If you are wanting to remove placeable items on the map you will need to remove/edit them in the mapUS_items.xml you will see for example seedStationP.xml as a directory. the “P” stands for permanent just remove the “P” at the end and it should show in-game as a placeable that can be sold.

The following mods are built into the map and are not needed:

– FS19_compositeHallPack

By: Niggels – VertexDezign

– FS19_EasyShed2_Pack

By: Nathan6930

– FS19_toolBox

By: Kobe

– FS19_Placeable_LiquidFertTanks

By: cjwilksy

– FS19_Placeable_RefuelStation

By: McKnightG

– FS19_Placeable_Seed_Fertilizer_Food_Stations

By: McKnightG

Please report any problems.



Change to:



You may also have to add defaultFarmProperty=”true” farmId=”1″ at the end of the directory for it to appear in-game to be sold.




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