FS19 Pack VStRuk Revolution 1.2 - FS 19 & 22 USA Mods Collection

FS19 Pack VStRuk Revolution 1.2

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FS19 Pack VStRuk Revolution 1.2

VStRuk Revolution is a Truck Created From Scratch, It is not Based on any Real Truck. Animation in the 3 Real Suspension Axes. It has Multiple Animations Such as Vibration in the Exhaust Pipe, Filters, Fuel Tank and Engine. Also Has Engine Fan Animation, Custom Lights, Stickers, Cabin Settings etc.

Various Store Options and Colour Changes.

-Motor: RV 480, RV 580, RV 650, RV 1723

-Main Colour Setting

-Secondary Colour Configuration

-Rims Colour Configuration

-Cabin configuration

-Sticker Settings


VStRuk RV 480: € 87,000

VStRuk RV 580: € 97,125

VStRuk RV 650: € 102,500

VStRuk RV 1723: € 117,500

Changelog 1.1

-Fixed Foliage Bending

Change Log 1.2

-Added VStRuk Revolution ItRunner Version

-Added Tire Configuration

Credits: raulycristi1 [VSR MODDING SUR]



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