FS19 TLX Phoenix Series v1.2.6 - FS 19 & 22 USA Mods Collection

FS19 TLX Phoenix Series v1.2.6

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FS19 TLX Phoenix Series v1.2.6

The longest brother arrives!!! All-powerfull longnose semi with the highest range of options and customizations


Featured functions/options:

– New set of custom colors made for the ocasion

– Entering animation

– The doors Open (function Open Cover)

– The windows can be lowered/raised

– Full animated dashboard

– Totally functional mirrors

– Adjustable 5th wheels

– Hidden rear hitch; visible only when in use

– Dynamic hoses for the connections of the trailers (it depends on the trailer)

– Custom illumination along the whole truck. You will want to drive at night!

– Custom engine sounds captured from a real Cummins BigCam2 (Including jake brake, horn…) credits to Derek Champlin (Expendables Modding)

– Custom engine sounds captured from a real Detroit D60 (Including jake brake, horn…) credits to Derek Champlin (Expendables Modding)

– Strapable for easy transportation

Featured configurations available at the store:

– Configurations: wheelbase setup from short, mid, long, heavy hauling

– Front Bumpers

– Design for stripes

– Rear fenders

– Front Visor

– Extra lights

– Wheels configurations

– Engine options; starting with a T9-000 basic engine and climb up to the all powerful T9-525 all represented with custom badges on at the sides of the cabin

– Exhausts configurations

– Extras options; Headache rack with 3 variations!

– Price (base) 82119 €

Available elements to move/control via joystick/mouseControls (depending on the store options setup)

– Windows roll up-down

– 5th wheel adjustable

– Rear hitch adjustable (when selected on the Configurations)

– Rack worklights adjustable (when selected on the configurations)

Changelog v1.1:

– Fixed: Dynamic suspension behavior

– Added the Special Editions including the CAT3408 sounds

– Copperhead Edition – Featuring all copper metal endings

– Silver Bullet Edition – Featuring all chrome metal endings

– Black Belle Edition – Featuring all blackedout chrome metal endings

– Added new Rigid X2 Configuration

– Added new X2 Dumper attachment

– Added 4 TLX9000 Rigid Attachment Configurations

– 2 Options with center axles; one without Tag Axle and another with Tag Axle

– 2 Options moved back rear axles; one without Tag Axle and another with Tag Axle

Changelog v1.2:

– Improved: Dynamic suspension behavior

– Added Truck and Mirror Control groups for ingame adjustable mirrors!

– Added new Rigid X2 pop-trailer

– Added new TLX Dolly

Changelog v1.2.5:

– Improved the script and the slot consumption. Now 3 trucks, one per engine.

– Added Heavy Duty Bumpers

– Added Coffin Sleeper configurations

– Added the Logger X2 attachment (compatible with the pup-trailer)

– Added Heavy Duty wheel option under Phoenix Brand

– Added 4 new wheel options under Trilex Brand

Credits: 82Studio


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