FS19 TLX Phoenix Service Pack v1.1 - FS 19 & 22 USA Mods Collection

FS19 TLX Phoenix Service Pack v1.1

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FS19 TLX Phoenix Service Pack v1.1

The Phoenix receives a full overhaul with the Moore8250 Wrecker Body work! First real tow truck working on all platforms!

*** NOW as Modular System featuring 3 unique attachments to do you in-field services!

– The known Wreck-IT

– The Flatbed (same fuel capacity and extandable ramps to transport small vehicles)

– The Service Bed:

1) 5000L Of fuel for your in-field refuelling operation

2) Working crane with all the movements implemented (requires the Traverse attacher to be connected, included in the pack)

Unique Featured functions/options:

– Custom made set of Heavy Duty Bumpers for the ocasion, total of 6 combinations!

– Buil-in Special Editions; the Black Belle, the Copperhead and the Silver Bullet now available as an option in the store

– Custom built set of heavy duty rims

– Houston and Seminole decals extended to the wrecker body

– Custom Wreck-IT attacher found under 82’s Logistics brand or under Misc

(The attacher, once purchased, can me set in the bed and attached to the truck for transportation)

– 3 Different engine sounds, 3 mods in the store, the CMS, D60 and CAT

– The Jakebrake can be deactivated using the Open/Close Cover function while in the truck

– Hitch to tow/recover trailers of any kind, position the wheel lift below a trailer hitch and attach!

Control groups to manage the following options (mouse/joystick controlled):

– Truck:

1) Open/Close the wrecker cabinets to enable the Fuel Pump and refill your vehicles in the fieldsynopsis

2) Roll up/down the windows inside the cabin

3) Open/Close the doors

– Mirrors: Set of controls to adjust the mirrors while operating the Wreck-IT!

– Wrecker: (requires unfolding before operating the hydraulics)

1) Rotate the wheel lift

2) Rotate the wheel lift Arm

3) Extend the wheel lift Arm

4) Move up/down the crane and its hooks

Featured functions/options:

– Set of custom colors made for the ocasion

– Entering animation

– The windows can be lowered/raised

– Full animated dashboard

– Totally functional mirrors

– Custom illumination along the whole truck. You will want to drive at night!

Featured configurations available at the store:

– Configurations: stock, coffin sleeper, regular sleeper and the sleeper with the turbowing and the preset #1

– Front Bumpers

– Design for stripes

– Front Visor

– Extra lights

– Wheels configurations

– Engine options; starting with a T9-000 basic engine and climb up to the all powerful T9-525 all represented with custom badges on at the sides of the cabin

– Exhausts configurations

– Price (base) 102119 €

Changelog v1.1:

– Added the modular functionality increasing the uses of the in-field service-oriented tasks

– Added transport bumper when the Phoenix Service has not attachment on it

– Added the Wreck-IT as an attachments

– Added the flatbed attachment

– Added the Service Bed attachment

– Added the Traverse Attachment for the Service Crane

Credits: 82Studio


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