FS19 TLX 3500 Series v1.0 - FS 19 & 22 USA Mods Collection

FS19 TLX 3500 Series v1.0

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 FS19 TLX 3500 Series v1.0

The Big Brother is here!!!! The TLX2020 set a standart in versatility, the TLX3500 elevates that concept exponentialy.

Totally new design, options, combinations and lots of fun!

Options available:

– Special Editions: Stock, Metalized, Black Belle, Copperhead & Silver Bullet

– Mirrors: Stock, Wide

– Extras: Stock, Sidesteps, Snorkle, Roofrack & combinations of them

– Bumpers: Choose between 7 options

– Lighting: Stock, Spotlights or LED Lights

– Headlights: Choose between Multiple colors

– Wheels: Choose between 30+ options

– Attachers: Stock or Plow Mount

– Engines: 7.3L Diesel or 6.2L Supercharged

Base price: 28000 $

Credits: 82Studio


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