FS22 Don-1500B Combine v0.1 - FS 19 & 22 USA Mods Collection

FS22 Don-1500B Combine v0.1

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FS22 Don-1500B Combine v0.1

Don-1500 is a Soviet grain harvester manufactured by the Rostselmash plant. “1500” in the name means the width of the threshing drum.

Modifications: DON-1500, DON-1500A, DON-1500B, Don-1500N (for the non-chernozem zone), Don-1500R (rice-harvesting, caterpillar).

– Speed: 25 km / h;

– Cost: 15,000 €;

– Hopper volume: 6,000 liters;

– Working lighting equipment;

– Leaves traces;

– Gets dirty and washed;

– Includes: header.

Credits: denka007



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