FS22 Ford F800 Crewcab Dually v1.0 - FS 19 & 22 USA Mods Collection

FS22 Ford F800 Crewcab Dually v1.0

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 FS22 Ford F800 Crewcab Dually v1.0

I know I should be converting my older mods over, but I had to make that one, it started as a f800 flatbed truck model, I changed the cab and put the dually bed from a 1992 f350 crew cab, fitted the frame and rear suspension, put the front axle from a semi truck model from snowrunner, the interior was from a 1978 f250 model I had, I tried to fit it in to the best of my habilities (it’s a mess) but well, I didn’t put any attacher joint on it, but it does have strap in the bed, the sound was recorded from an rv with a muffler delete….so yeah, that’s what this small pickup truck is, have fun !

Credits: SebCroteau


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