FS22 Small Flatbed Trailer v1.0 - FS 19 & 22 USA Mods Collection

FS22 Small Flatbed Trailer v1.0

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FS22 Small Flatbed Trailer v1.0

Small Flatbed Trailer With Tipper and Logging Options

Custom textures including the deck’s normal which was inspired by the texture included in the Giants UDIM.

The trailer frame, rims, and tipper body are all color selectable.

The trailer has 4 different body configurations:

Standard flatbed bale/transport trailer (cost $15,500).

Tipper body without cover (additional cost $25,000).

Tipper body with cover (additional cost $26,000).

Log forks (additional cost $2,500).

Can be configured as a flat hitch or a gooseneck trailer hitch.(cost $2,500).

The pintle hitch and gooseneck coupler height is adjustable for different vehicles.

A rear trailer hitch is also an option. (cost $100)

The standard Lizard tires and rims are custom made.

The trailer is equipped with ramps for loading and transporting small machinery.

The ramps work both with the flatbed option and the tipper body options to load small machines in the tipper body.

The cover has a collision and there cannot be a vehicle or other products in the tipper when closing it.

Custom painted dirt and wear textures.

Tipper capacity 22,440 Liters.

Can carry up to 8 meter logs.

Credits: macktrucker921



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