FS22 Courseplay v7.0.1.7 - FS 19 & 22 USA Mods Collection

FS22 Courseplay v7.0.1.7

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FS22 Courseplay v7.0.1.7

Push Release

Potato harvester self unload fix #902 #1079

fix unfolding baler #1239

Saves the hud start position and lane offset #1227

Turn fix for #1252

Should fix mp info texts #1220

Added user setting to disable the player mouse event for info texts #1214

Added debug channel event

Small fix for AIMessageErrorIsFull in mp

Added more console commands for dev.

Push Release

Infotext display added: #423

Added a new info text window.

With mouse click on the message, the vehicle will be entered.

While the message is hovered, the vehicle name is displayed.

Info text are finished, empty, full, fuel almost empty, fuel empty and broken down.

When the driver is released with a message, then the message is only being reset,

once a player enters the vehicle.

Added optional sowing machine setting. #1072

The forage wagon waits until it’s completely filled now. #1167

Added setting to stop the driver, when the silage additive is empty.

Turn off cutter for harvesters while waiting for unloader.

Fuel save added for harvesters. #140

Add option to prefer custom fields. #1113

Small hud adjustments.

Convoy deadlock fix #1140

Another Convoy fix #1166

Fix for 180 turn offset multitool

Fixes hud play button not active, when driveToFieldWorkStartStrategy is active.

fixes #1162

Small MP fixes

Credits: Courseplay release creator


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