FS22 White Field Boss Series 3 v1.0 - FS 19 & 22 USA Mods Collection

FS22 White Field Boss Series 3 v1.0

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FS22 White Field Boss Series 3 v1.0

Price: 26300€

After the White Motor Corporation had taken over various agricultural machinery manufacturers in the 1960s – Oliver in 1960, Cockshutt in 1962 and Minneapolis-Moline in 1963 – these became

Activities merged under the White Farm Equipment name in 1969. From 1975 the original colors of the three companies and their brand names were no longer used, but as

The brand name was now white and only gray was used as the color. In 1979 White Farm Equipment was sold to TIC. TIC, in turn, is selling White Farm Equipment due to the downturn in the economy

in agriculture in the 1980s to Allied Products. In 1991 White Farm Equipment was acquired by AGCO. AGCO used the White brand name until 2001.

The models of the Field Boss series were first presented in 1976 by the White Motor Corporation (Series 1), when the company was taken over by TIC in 1979, but inevitably some had to

Design changes are made (Series 2). Finally, the Series 3 was also a technical upgrade – from 1983, for example, air conditioning was also available as an option.

This mod represents the Series 3 of the White Field Boss. The tractor, available in three versions, has a White-Hercules 7.8L 6-cylinder diesel engine with 110 – 155 hp at the PTO and was designed for

built for the American and Canadian markets in Coldwater, Ohio, USA.

Credits: Julian F. Modding


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