FS22 FlatBed Trailer IBM JMT19 v1.1 - FS 19 & 22 USA Mods Collection

FS22 FlatBed Trailer IBM JMT19 v1.1

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 FS22 FlatBed Trailer IBM JMT19 v1.1


Added ramps (as an extension when you buy or modify a trailer. Price $3000)

Increased dirt intensity

Rebuild & optimized model

Optimized tetures

With this flatbed trailer you can transport bales, pallets and other stuff that you need to transport.

Price: 30.000€

Shop Category: Flatbed

Color options (Default is black)

Exported form FS19 by Morrow(basic export, light & animations rework), configured for Loki_79`s UniversalAutoload

For using autoload you should install UniversalAutoload

UniversalAutoload support all of standart pallets & bales, also, several types of cargo can be loaded at the same time.

Loading area can hold:

Square bales

180cm – 48

220cm – 36

240cm – 36

448cm – 3(cotton)

Round bales

125cm – 44

150cm – 18

180cm – 16

228cm – 6(cotton)

Up to 102 pallets(tested on tomatoes)

The capacity of the rest of the cargo has not been checked, but using the example of a tomato, you can understand that the volume is larger .

Credits: morrow IBM Modding Team


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