FS22 Middleburgh Map v1.1 - FS 19 & 22 USA Mods Collection

FS22 Middleburgh Map v1.1

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 FS22 Middleburgh Map v1.1

Middleburgh is a FS22 4 x map based in the Catskill Mountains of NY state. Map features custom soil map for PF, MTA, 5 custom farms, floods, a huge forest, many custom productions including a moonshine still and much more.

Version 1.1 is latest update to map.

So much has happened since we last met. I know i promised our next adventure would be a bit farther south but I came across a real gem for you to explore.

Located deep in the Catskill mountains of NY state the area around Middleburgh is an amazing sight to see. While farming is still a major way of life here , industry and retail development have made their way here as well. With curvy country roads, deep ravines , waterfalls and fields carved from the earth itself Middleburgh takes you back to its pioneer roots dating back to the early 1700’s. Located along scenic rt. 30, also called the The Adirondack Trail , it’s a road trip worth taking for sure. Local attractions include Mine kill falls and Vroman’s nose , a popular hiking trail to the top of a granite mountain top overlooking the valley. To start you off I purchased a few acers and an place for you to sleep. I have also gathered a few pieces of equipment from local farmers you will need right away . I already planted a crop in your fields for you to really “shine” with. Local farmers have lots of work avalible as well for you to make extra money . A Special Trailer has been included to transport “lime water” if you choose to make sugar. Other included mods are needed for your starting fleet . Harvest is upon the valley. Are you up to the challenge?


Middleburgh has 5 built farms ranging in size from a small starting farm located deep in the hills with it’s own special production facilities to large commercial farms and winerys. All production built into map already and able to be bought and sold by any player anytime. I also provided extra sell points at many factory locations so other players will continue to have locations to sell products. All productions have been sped up with increased storage capacity to provide better game play in MP mode.

Map includes all Custom animal pens and barns plus many custom buildings and new textures. MTA has been added as well as a custom soil map for PF play. Anhydrous ,propane and lime production added as well. Several farms have custom production facilties on them with more custom factories in town. Sugar production was modified a bit. You now need either, beets, cut beets or sugar cane and “lime water” (can be purchased at COOP). Lime water is a chemical solution used in sugar production in real world factories. As an output you will get beet pulp and sugar. Pulp can be sold or used to make pig food at the pig food factory. Several new productions have been added including whiskey and beer , bagels, hotdog buns that can be sold at the ball park, cracked corn, rolled barley and doghouses. Several lots have been set up around the town as buyable areas to add more production or buildings as needed . Some lots are clear some have buildings trees rocks etc on them. All lots are able to be cleared after purchase some have an extra fee attached for lot clearing. For MP players I’ve already set up 5 farms that match the numbered farms on map. Choose what farm you want, join the corresponding farm and each player starts with 2 million dollars to buy their land and start the farm.

I’ve added many special surprises for you to find and experience on the map including floods, culverts that activate during rain, boats on the river a campground that I dont recommend you visit after dark and more. I really hope you enjoy this map my friends. As always stay safe and be well.

Credits: nitrodad1115


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