FS22 Phiber DASH v2.0 - FS 19 & 22 USA Mods Collection

FS22 Phiber DASH v2.0

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FS22 Phiber DASH v2.0

Developed to accomplish two primary objectives:

Reduce fill times to keep the sprayer spraying.

Keep chemicals separated to guarantee chemical efficacy.

The DASH automates chemical mixing and cleaning, reducing the possibility for human error, decreasing the time needed to fill a sprayer, and increasing overall sprayer productivity.


The DASH has two pumps; a high-volume water pump with a 13hp Honda motor rated at 430 GPM, and an air-diaphragm pump capable of 40 GPM used for auto rinsing and agitating dry products. Separate inductors allow operators to load multiple products in advance of a fresh sprayer load while maintaining chemical separation.

Once chemicals are loaded into their respective inductors and the sprayer is attached, the fill and rinse process can be operated from one central ground-level location beside the trailer.


With the DASH connected to the sprayer, chemicals can be delivered to the sprayer through the operation of centrally located, ground-level controls. Chemicals can be delivered to the sprayer individually by activating the control handle corresponding to their respective inductor. As the control handle is activated two valves are opened. One valve at the bottom of the inductor is opened unloading chemicals, under suction, into the main water stream. A second valve opens to activate the inductor rinse head, rinsing and unloading the inductor simultaneously. Each inductor can unload in approximately 15 seconds; including a rinse cycle that ensures complete chemical delivery and the elimination of chemical residue buildup.

Based on testing and customer feedback, the process of loading 4 different chemicals into a 1,200-gallon sprayer takes less than 4 minutes.

Capacity is 34.5k Liters on the trailer itself plus you can add another 12k in tanks on the top

Originally done by SMEBY? the only version i could find was the converted to fs22 version that was incomplete and abandoned 5 months ago. I always really liked the trailer it was just unusable in it un-finished state, I spent well over a day adding FS22 level of lighting, complete with side markers and the correct rear lights, license plate to the rear and fixing all of the errors, as well as adding decoration so that even when you do not have liquid totes up top, it does not look like an empty trailer. if you enjoy this mod please donate.

Credits: MASmodding, SMEBY



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