FS22 John Deere 6M v1.0 - FS 19 & 22 USA Mods Collection

FS22 John Deere 6M v1.0

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 FS22 John Deere 6M v1.0

Take your operation to the next step with the new generation of 6M medium tractors that bring more productivity, economy and connectivity to your everyday life and make work more pleasant throughout the season.

John Deere 6M Specifications

– 6170M, 6190M, 6210M and 6210 Chiptuned model options

– Power: 170, 190, 210 and 240 hp

– Price: $141000

– 5 optional tire brands

– It has two configurations of single wheels, one with balloon tires, four options of double rear wheels, two variations of thin wheels, two variations of double tires and optional sugarcane in the Michelin, Trelleborg, Mitas and Continental brands.

– In the Lizard tire configuration there are options for single, balloon, double rear and all double tires

– 4 variations of the tint of the glasses

– Antenna options

– Optional Green Star 4 with and without antenna

– Optional Lights, with two options for cabin headlights and turn signals

– Optional numbering from 1 to 9

– 3 variations of the exhaust, normal, direct and short direct, changing the shade of the smoke

– Optional accessories inside the cabin, including the thermos bottle and radio

– Optional rear weights and front fenders

– Optional front weights with or without rear hydraulic lift

– Optional tool box and chain

– Optional two bumpers, normal or sugar cane together with the front loader hitch

– Compatible with the Kubota DLC ride system

– Additional Isaria Pro Compact sensor possible, requires Precision Farming DLC

– It has controllable animations of steering wheel angle and height, door, window and sunshade.

Credits: Agro Tonho


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