FS19 John Deere DB90 36-Row 30 v1.1 - FS 19 & 22 USA Mods Collection

FS19 John Deere DB90 36-Row 30 v1.1

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FS19 John Deere DB90 36-Row 30 v1.1

Thanks for everyone who respect our work and use only official versions of mods. Big thanks for all your supports, good words, positive comments and messages – sorry if we didn;t respond for all messages! We are also glad for all your reports with small issues which we missed up before releases v1.0, so there is a hotfix today which ends all issues with DB Planters and update them to v1.1
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– Fixed refilling from air (working only with opened CCS Tanks covers!) by proper scripting exactFillRootNode,
– Fixed refilling liquidFertilizer with Manure System mod support by “R” without pump needed,
– Fixed issue with horizontal line planting (remember that when planter miss non-planted spots you have to slow down or back to that spot – it’s one of realistic addon to not planting at full speed all the time!),
– Added proper fillUnitIndex to Manure System Connector (remember that you can fill only liquidFertilizer!)
– Fixed depthNode for DB90,
– Fixed Seeds capacity for one missed tankConfiguration,
– Reduced file of DB90 a bit more.

Model: JHHG Modding, Banks.INC Modding,

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