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FS19 John Deere DB60 24 Row

FS19 John Deere DB60 24 Row 
It's BETA after leak from Matt Schadt (FS Comunnity cancer). I will not release final version of it.
Enjoy BETA version, it's good enough and better than most of equipment at the moment.
- All FS19 standards
- Wearable and Wahsable
- FS19 Lights
- ConnectionHoses (Dynamic Hoses)
- Back Attacher for Liquid Carts with Hoses Joints!
- Greenstar Configurations
- Refuge Tank Configurations
- LiquidFertilizer Tanks Configurations
- All tanks Configurations with real capacity + mass Scripts
- SmartBoxes Configurations
- Side Markers Configurations
- Wheels/ Heavy Wheels/ DB60 Tracks Configurations
- Realistics RotLimits (Flexable)
- Fixed all Hydraulic cylinders
- Randomly Moving Parts on every single Row!
- New, FS19 Particle Animations! (dust, material and soil)
- Real values (capacity, mass, price etc)
- New HD Declas!
- Lot of Warning Decals
- New ToggleCover animation
- Working side Markers (fixed)
- Fixed lowering
- Error Free (clear LOG)!
Model: Banks INC Modding
FS19 Standards: JHHG Modding
Programing and Scripting: JHHG Modding
Edit: JHHG Modding

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